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Welcome to our website

We are a Polish manufacturer of high-quality displays in LED technology.
We used most innovative technologies and solutions to design our products in order to facilitate its operation for our customers, while maximizing effectiveness and reliability of the device. And all this in a very competitive price.

On this website you will find all essential information about us and our products.

Enjoy exploring our website. We hope to hear from you soon.  

GilBT Team

LPD- LED Presentation Designer

LPD is our free software that allows you to create a spectacular presentations in a fast and convenient way. LPD was designed based on users feedback in order to create a pleasant and easy to use interface. The program enables edition of your own text and also allows you to use images or animations in many file formats. To play the presentations on the LED display, just save generated advert on the SD card and insert it into the device. > read more...

LED Presentation Designer

Download it and see how easy it is. See how your ad can look like